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Frequently Asked Questions About Wage Theft in New York


Answers from skilled New York City wage theft attorneys

Wage theft is an epidemic both in New York, and throughout the US. It takes many different forms, and most offenders are clever when it comes to disguising their wage theft practices. At Hepworth, Gershbaum & Roth, PLLC, our New York City wage theft attorneys are committed to uncovering abuses in the workplace and recovering the compensation employees have earned. We are here to answer your questions and help you begin the process of recovering the compensation you deserve.

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What is wage theft?

Wage theft occurs whenever an employer deliberately or systematically deprives employees of wages they have earned. It comes in many forms ranging from unpaid overtime to not paying for all hours worked. Your best weapon to protect yourself from wage theft is to keep complete records of how long you spend performing job-related tasks and keep all of your pay stubs.

Does wage theft occur in any one industry?

Wage theft can happen in any industry. Our New York City wage theft attorneys have taken on small and large corporations alike across various industries for workplace abuses.

Does it matter whether or not you still work for the employer that committed wage theft?

No. You have the right to sue a past or present employer for past wage theft as long as it is within the statute of limitations. However, your damages may be dramatically limited the longer you wait before taking legal action.

If I sue my employer for wage theft, will I lose my job?

No. Both New York and Federal law protect you from retaliatory actions against employees that have filed a wage theft claim against their employer. Employers that take unlawful retaliatory action against an employee are exposed to increased financial liability.

Will it cost more to pay for an attorney than I can recover from a wage theft lawsuit?

Many of our clients delay speaking with our experienced New York City wage theft attorneys because they assume legal fees will surpass compensation awarded. Both New York and Federal law protect you from losing money in these cases by forcing the employer to pay your legal fees.

Does it matter whether I file my wage theft case in State or Federal Court?

While there are similar New York State and Federal laws protecting employees from wage theft, there are some important distinctions. Make sure to speak with our experienced New York City wage theft attorneys in order to put yourself in the best position possible to win your case and maximize your damages.





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