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Who Our New York City Employment Law Attorneys Represent




Attorneys taking a firm stand for employees who have been wronged

All we do is represent individuals, and groups of employees in class action lawsuits, against employers that break the law. At Hepworth, Gershbaum & Roth, PLLC, our New York City employment law attorneys represent workers in their pursuit of justice against past or current employers who have violated laws and wronged them in some way. We only settle lawsuits when it is in your best interest. We go to trial if we do not get the full and fair compensation you deserve from a settlement offer.

Specific classes of employees our New York City employment law attorneys specialize in representing

Our New York City employment law attorneys have the skills and experience necessary to successfully represent you, regardless of your employment law matter. We have noticed some particular trends in employer abuse that impact some professions more routinely. If you fit into one of these categories, there is a chance you may be entitled to compensation and not even know it. The most common types of employment law clients we represent include:

  • Americans with disabilities — It has been illegal to discriminate against persons with disabilities in the workplace. We are here to help persons with disabilities that are not provided reasonable accommodations in the workplace.

  • Assistant manager unpaid overtime — Most assistant managers are entitled to overtime wages. Whether you are an assistant manager entitled to overtime wages in New York City depends on how much of your daily work activity consists of managerial tasks.

  • Car washers — Car washers in New York are among the most frequently abused classes of workers. We put an end to the workplace abuses and recover compensation on your behalf.

  • Construction workers — The most common abuses of construction workers include unpaid overtime wages and misclassification as an independent contractor.

  • Cooks — Our New York City employee rights attorneys put an end to workplace violations in restaurants. We protect your careers and recover compensation on your behalf.

  • Drivers — Drivers in New York City have historically been overworked and underpaid. Come speak with us to go over your employment history and analyze your rights to recover compensation for your past injustices.

  • Fast food workers — The most common abuses fast food workers undergo from their employers come from unpaid wages for performing job related tasks. Our New York City fast food workers’ rights attorneys analyze your daily tasks and inform you about unpaid job-related tasks you have that you have the right to take legal action from.

  • Home health aid workers — New York and federal laws recently changed to protect home health aid workers from not receiving overtime wages. Come speak with us to ensure that you are receiving the full and fair wages you deserve.

  • Independent contractors — Employers routinely classify employees as independent contractors to avoid the financial responsibilities of having employees. You may be entitled to recover significant sums of past due taxes, healthcare benefits and wages from being misclassified as an independent contractor.

  • Mortgage brokers & loan officers — Our New York City employee rights attorneys defend take a stand for mortgage brokers and loan officers that are owed compensation from their employers.

  • Nursing unpaid overtime — Nurses work hard to keep their patients in good health. They routinely skip lunches and breaks to make sure that the work gets done. You have the right to be paid for the lunches and breaks you skip to take care of your patients.

  • Repair technicians — Repair technicians are often misclassified as independent contractors by their companies. We help you recover unpaid wages and overtime that has resulted from being misclassified as an independent contractor.

  • Restaurant & supermarket delivery workers — Delivery drivers are often treated as tipped employees and paid less than the standard minimum wage. However, you have the right to be compensated when your hourly earnings are less than the state and federal minimum wages.  

  • Restaurant workers — Restaurant workers are routinely asked to do side work off the clock and work for less than the minimum wage. Come speak with our experienced New York City restaurant workers’ rights attorneys if you have questions about your rights to recover damages from a past or current employer.

  • Retail workers — We have taken on the biggest retailers in the country for employee rights violations against retail workers. Whether in a class action lawsuit or an individual action, our skillful New York City retail workers’ rights attorneys help you take a stand for your rights.

  • Salaried employees entitled to overtime — Just because you are offered a salaried employee does not mean that you are not entitled to receive overtime. Our New York City unpaid overtime attorneys offer free and confidential consultations to analyze whether you are entitled to overtime wages.

  • Security guards — Security guards work long and dangerous hours for their employers. We help you take a stand if you have been underpaid wages or denied benefits for your work as a security guard.

  • Stockbroker wage theft — Wage theft effects white collar workers as often as it effects blue collar workers. Stockbrokers are routinely denied wages and benefits despite earning millions of dollars for their brokerage firms.

  • Telemarketer wage theft — As a part of their employment contracts and New York wage laws, telemarketers are supposed to earn certain compensation for their hard work. Our New York City telemarketer wage theft attorneys take legal action against employers that fail to uphold their financial obligations to you. 

  • Underpaid paralegals — Unfortunately, even attorneys violate New York and federal wage laws with their employees. We recover compensation for underpaid paralegals that are due wages from their law firms.

  • Unpaid interns — Using unpaid interns has become a common practice for businesses trying to supplant paid labor for free work. You may be entitled to full compensation from past or current businesses where you have worked as an intern.

Our commitment to you as your New York City employment law attorney

Our reputation as the premier New York City employment law firm is built upon our tenacity in the court room and a commitment to each client’s individual interests. We approach every case differently because every client has a different circumstance. When you entrust our New York City employment law attorneys with your case, you can sleep soundly in knowing that we are always looking out for you and your best interests. We never sacrifice a short-term pay out for your future.

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