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New York City Employee Rights Attorneys Fight for Paid Vacation Due to Employees


Vacation is often part of a full-time worker's compensation

Having paid time off from work is one of the most common incentives that employers offer to their full-time employees. They do so because there is a lot of competition out there for talented employees. At Hepworth, Gershbaum & Roth, PLLC, our New York City employee rights attorneys defend against employers who steal valuable paid vacation time from employees. There is a monetary value to paid vacations and we help employees recover the compensation they deserve.

Evaluating whether you have a right to recover compensation for lost vacation time

Neither New York nor federal law obligates employers to offer paid vacations to employees. However, once an employee has been offered and accepted paid vacation as a term of employment, then they are entitled to it. Taking away a paid vacation in any form is equivalent to not paying the agreed upon salary. Our NYC employee rights attorneys have seen businesses commonly deceive employees into accepting the loss of paid vacation time. Some of the most common ways employers violate vacation rights include:

  • Termination without compensating for vacation time

  • Putting an expiration on vacation time

  • Simply informing you that you no longer have paid vacation time

  • Making you take unpaid vacation

What our experienced New York employee rights attorneys do for you

Too many employers look for ways to exploit employees, especially if it means saving the company money. They often turn to removing paid vacation perks as a tool to save money or stop losses. This practice is illegal. Employees are entitled to recover the full value of paid vacation time if an employer unlawfully took it away. Do not worry about the costs of hire one of our NYC employee rights attorneys—the law allows for employers to pay your legal fees for you. 

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