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New York Employment Lawyers Helping Victims Seek Compensation for Off-the-Clock Hours


Obtain the pay you deserve for your hard work

Employers that routinely expect employees to work off the clock are in violation of state and federal labor laws. If you have been required to work off the clock without pay, you may be entitled to compensation for your unpaid wages and other monetary losses.

The New York employment law attorneys at Hepworth, Gershbaum & Roth provide aggressive representation to employees who have been denied wages they are entitled to. Our decades of combined experience and knowledge of state and federal wage laws allow us to help employees obtain compensation in even the most challenging situations.

What legal options do I have for getting my full wages?

If you believe that you have been denied wages for work you have performed, it is important to take action. There are several steps you may take to attempt to recover your due wages, including:

  • File a claim with the employer: It may be possible that your employer is unaware of your unpaid overtime, especially is a supervisor is hiding the practice to improve their standing with executives. Filing a claim with your employer’s human resources department may help you obtain payment. At the very least, filing a claim will provide a documented record that your employer knew about the situation.

  • Lodge an administrative complaint: Contacting the New York State Department of Labor and filing an official claim is a necessary step in trying to recover payment. By filing a claim, you will have your case reviewed, and potentially prompt an investigation into your employer’s off the clock wage policies. If the Department of Labor finds just cause, you may be awarded monetary compensation for your unpaid labor.

  • File a civil lawsuit: Administrative complaints are separate proceedings from a civil lawsuit. You have the right to file a civil action against your employer in an effort to gain a judgment for compensation.

It is important to note that these actions must be taken in a specific time frame following your employer’s refusal to pay your for your off the clock efforts.

If you have been denied payment for work you have conducted off the clock, it is important to discuss your case with a New York employment lawyer as quickly as possible. The sooner you take action, the better your chance of recovering compensation.

What compensation may I be entitled to?

Successful legal action against your employer may result in a monetary award in your favor. This award will vary in size depending on the amount of wages you are owed, the severity of your employer’s offense and other factors.

The monetary compensation you are entitled may include:

  • Back wages

  • Interest on unpaid wages

  • Statutory fines

  • Attorney’s fees

  • Costs associated with the case

  • Punitive damages

With the guidance of an experienced New York employment law attorney, you may receive the compensation you deserve for your hard work and frustration.

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At Hepworth, Gershbaum & Roth, we understand the anger and frustration you may feel after being denied payment for work performed off the clock. With that in mind, our New York employment lawyers provide the aggressive legal representation you need to obtain the compensation you are entitled to.

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