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New York City Employee Rights Attorneys Ensure Fast Food Workers Receive Wages Earned


Employee rights for every employee

Fast food workers have rights and should be paid fairly for time worked. The New York City employee rights attorneys at Hepworth, Gershbaum & Roth, PLLC are strong advocates for fast food workers in New York and throughout the US. There are millions of dollars in unpaid damages available for New York City fast food workers to recover from restaurants committing wage theft.

What are the benefits of joining a class action lawsuit as a fast food employee in New York City?

Joining a class action lawsuit provides employees with the benefit of strength in numbers. Hundreds or even thousands of voices are heard much more loudly than just a single message. Our NYC class action lawsuits for fast food employees’ rights attorneys have the experience and skill it takes to successfully take on these major class action lawsuits. All our firm does is right for employee rights in the workplace. A class action lawsuit allows plaintiffs that have been wronged similarly by the same party to get their cases resolved in one forum at once.

Some of the benefits to becoming a member of a class action lawsuit against your fast food restaurant include:

  • Having strength in number

  • Getting you claim resolved more quickly

  • Minimizing expenses

  • Making changes in the workplace

  • Ensuring your fast food restaurant takes you and your coworkers seriously

Understanding New York minimum wages and wage theft

There are two bodies of law that employers must follow to avoid a lawsuit from their employees. They have to abide by federal law and New York law. Some points of either body of law are more beneficial to the employee depending on the type of legal action being taken. When it comes to minimum wages, the state of New York has a higher minimum wage that the federal law. This means our NYC employee rights attorneys can help if your fast food restaurant is only paying you the federal minimum wage.

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