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New York City EEOC Attorneys Protect Victims From Discriminatory Hiring Practices


Ensuring your career is not limited by discriminatory business practices

You deserve a fair opportunity to fill positions that you are qualified to fill. Unfortunately, millions of Americans are unjustly deprived of career opportunities every year because race, ethnicity, sex or age. At Hepworth, Gershbaum & Roth, PLLC, our New York City Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) attorneys hold businesses accountable for using illegal hiring and promoting practices. We recover meaningful compensation for victims of employment discrimination.

What does the EEOC protect you from?

Both New York and Federal law establish that hiring decisions must be based purely on merit. This means that they must decide to hire or fire you solely based on your credentials and experience. These days, employers receive hundreds of applications for every opening they post. Proving that discrimination has occurred has become increasingly difficult because of this. Our New York City EEOC attorneys have an established reputation of success in these cases because we tenaciously accumulate evidence to build strong cases to prove discrimination. We have successfully proven discrimination in EEOC proceedings for:

  • Race

  • Sex

  • National origin

  • Religion

  • Disability

  • Age

  • Color

  • A prior history of filing an EEOC proceeding

EEOC protections for employees seeking promotions within their company

The EEOC does more than just protect people from discrimination in the hiring process—you are also protected from discrimination when it comes to internal promotions within your company. Glass ceilings are still prominent throughout all industries. Our experienced New York City EEOC attorneys help people that are not promoted to the positions they deserve based on their sex or race. Success in these cases depends on our ability to uncover statistics that clearly demonstrates a pattern of discriminatory behavior. We also understand the importance of you being able to continue your career without being blacklisted within your industry. That is why we pursue these cases with your long-term interests in mind a long with your short-term financial needs.

Our New York City EEOC attorneys offer free initial consultations to help you analyze your rights

If you believe you have been exploited or denied employment unjustly, our New York City EEOC attorneys recover the compensation you deserve. You can schedule a free initial consultation with an attorney from leading New York City employment law firm Hepworth, Gershbaum & Roth, PLLC by calling us at 212-545-1199 or by contacting us online.




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