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New York City Wage Theft Attorneys Help Cooks Protect Their Rights as an Employee


Standing up against workplace abuses

Working on the line in a kitchen is difficult. Cooks deserve to be paid fairly, unfortunately, many restaurants do not pay cooks fair wages. Restaurant owners in New York and throughout the US often shortchange cooks financially in a number of ways. Our New York City wage theft attorneys are compassionate toward the injustices endured by cooks and back of house restaurant employees. We help employees fully recover the compensation they are owed from past or present employers.

Is it worthwhile to file a wage theft claim against a NYC restaurant?

 The laws in New York favor the employees that have been victims of wage theft. The entire process of filing claims and recovering compensation is designed to make sure that plaintiffs are not given disincentives for taking advantage of their rights. Our New York City wage theft attorneys have found that the main reason cooks wait so long to take legal action is because they are afraid paying an attorney will cost more than they are able to recover from their restaurant. This is not the case. Wage theft laws require employers in the wrong to pay the attorney’s fees for the employer. This means that you keep all of the damages and statutory fines directly into your pocket.

Damages available to cooks that have been victims of wage theft in New York

The amount and type of damages that you can recover from your wage theft claim against your employer depends on the extent of the damage and the type of damages you claim. The way that the company goes about the wage theft can make a significant difference in the way the courts award damages to you against your restaurant. The types of damages our NYC wage theft attorneys may be able to help you recover include:

  • Wages owed

  • Interest accrued on the unpaid wages

  • Statutory damages

  • Treble damages (a way the law multiplies damages owed to penalize employers)

  • Attorney’s fees

  • Punitive damages (in some cases) 

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