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NYC Employee Rights Attorneys Ensure Fair Wages for Construction Workers


Recovering fair compensation for New York’s laborers

The amazing architecture throughout New York City, as in cities throughout the country, was built through the hard work and skill of construction workers. Construction workers shape cities and towns. Unfortunately, construction workers are often taken advantage of by employers and are victims of unpaid wages. The New York employee rights attorneys at Hepworth, Gershbaum & Roth, PLLC have decades of experience helping construction workers receive the fair compensation and benefits they deserve and have earned. Our detail-oriented attorneys go through all records and details possible to ensure you recover every cent you are due.

Representing construction workers in employee rights violations litigation

Our New York City employee rights attorneys handle all types of litigation to protect workers who have been underpaid by employers. We fight to ensure workplace protections and full compensation for wronged employees. If you believe you have been denied earned wages, you are able to recover compensation whether you are still working for the employer or are no longer working for the business. However, there is a statute of limitations on these claims. Time spent delaying in speaking with an experienced construction workers rights attorney in New York may limit how much you are able to recover.

Our most common forms of construction worker litigation includes:

Will you lose your job for filing a claim against the construction company you work for?

Both New York and federal law provide protections for employers that have filed claims against their employers. The extent of protection you are entitled by law depends on what type of legal action you file and where it is filed. Our New York City employee rights attorneys help you develop the soundest legal strategy for your situation. Our job as your legal counsel is to restore you to whole for past wrongs and put you in the best position possible to ensure your future career as well.

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