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New York Employee Rights Attorneys Hold Businesses Accountable for Unpaid Training Violations


Getting employees rightfully compensated is our goal

You are entitled to be paid for any time you spend working for your employer. It is as simple as that. Unfortunately, many employers lie and mislead their employees into thinking that they are not entitled to be paid for giving up their time for required activities like training sessions. The New York City employee rights attorneys at Hepworth, Gershbaum & Roth, PLLC help you recover damages after your employer forces you to attend training without compensation. We are committed to standing up against employers and putting an end to abuses of employees in the workplace. Our attorneys represent clients in New York and throughout the US in individual cases as well as class action lawsuits against employers.

When must training sessions be paid by employers?

The general rule for training sessions is that if it is required, or mandatory, by the employer, then employees must be compensated. Training is considered mandatory if the work is for your job and under the employer’s authority. The main caveat is that the federal law only applies to businesses that have more than $500,000 in annual revenue.

The most common types of training sessions that often go unpaid include:

  • Training performed after hire

  • Online training done at home

  • Off-hour meetings

  • Safety training

  • Trial employee training

  • Certification training

  • On-the-job training

What compensation is available to employees not paid for training?

The damages our New York unpaid training attorneys can recover for you are similar to the compensation available for victims of wage theft. Compensation depends largely upon the circumstances of your case and the degree of reprehensibility of your past or current employers actions. In general, you receive the wages you are owed, statutory damages (like fines, but they are paid directly to you) and attorney’s fees. In many cases, your compensation may be enhanced by factors like unpaid overtime wages for doing trainings after work hours.

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