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New York Employee Rights Lawyers Take Strong Legal Action Against Employers Who Retaliate Against Workers


Standing up against injustice in the workplace

Doing the right thing by bringing attention to your employer’s illegal behavior used to be a risky proposition. People with families to feed had to live in fear of retaliatory acts like termination and getting blacklisted within their industry simply because they did the right thing. Those days should be in the past, as laws have changed—people are now protected from retaliatory actions brought on by employers. The employment law attorneys at the New York City law firm of Hepworth, Gershbaum & Roth stand by you every step of the way to protect you from retaliation by your employer. When employers illegally retaliate, we are there to hold them accountable and recover compensation for you.

What is workplace retaliation?

Both New York and federal law make it illegal to for employers to retaliate against employees that have become whistleblowers by reporting their bad behavior. There are a variety of actions employees can take that provide them with protections from any sort of retaliation by an employer. However, not every type of whistleblowing is protected. Your ability to receive retaliation protection may depend on what you report, how you report it and who you report it to. You should consult with our New York City employment law attorneys before whistleblowing to get advised about all of your rights and what to do to protect yourself from retaliation.

How do companies illegally retaliate against their employees?

There are few ways that employers can legally discipline you without good cause once you become a whistleblower. The actions employers take are usually subtle. They do things for the purposes of either intimidating you into dropping your case or punish you for doing something that has hurt the company. Other times, management looks at this as an opportunity to subtly make an example out of you to other employees. Whatever their cause for retaliation, it is illegal and their actions entitle you to recover monetary compensation. The most common manifestations our NYC employee rights attorneys see are:

  • Terminations

  • Cutting back salaries

  • Changing work schedules

  • Demoting employees

  • Issuing warnings

  • Discipline

  • Modifying job descriptions or duties

  • Hostile attitudes from management or other employees

  • Negative performance evaluations

Schedule a free initial consultation with a NY employee rights attorney and put an end to retaliation in the workplace

It is illegal for an employer to punish you for doing the right thing or asserting your rights. Our employee rights lawyers at Hepworth, Gershbaum & Roth are here for you when an employer takes retaliatory action against you. Call us at 212-532-3801 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation. With more than 70 years of combined experience in both state and federal courts, our employee rights attorneys help victims of workplace retaliation in New York City, New York State and throughout the US.





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