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New York City Employee Rights Attorneys Bring Workplace Protections to Mortgage Brokers and Loan Officers


Defending workers victimized by misclassification and wage theft

Mortgage brokers and loan officers work long and stressful hours where they must make sound decisions for clients. These jobs are difficult enough as it is without having to worry about whether your employer is compensating you fairly. There are several misnomers out there, presuming that white collar workers are not entitled to receive the same workplace protections as blue collar workers. The New York City employee rights attorneys at Hepworth, Gershbaum & Roth, PLLC have litigated tenaciously for decades to recover compensation for employers that have been wronged. We passionately advocate to provide workplace protections for all workers in any workplace, in New York and throughout the US.

Common forms of workplace misclassification and wage theft for NYC mortgage brokers and loan officers

Banking executives have become crafty at trying to find loopholes to get around New York and federal wage laws. They want to have the most talented mortgage brokers and loan officers in the world, but they do everything they can to pay them as little as possible. Our NYC employee rights attorneys are very astute at picking up when businesses have broken the law and need to compensate their employees. The most common ways that mortgage brokers and loan officers are deprived of receiving the wages they deserve include:

  • Being paid a salaried employer exempt from receiving overtime wages

  • Getting misclassified as a managerial employer that is not entitled to overtime

  • Not recovering overtime wages for hours that are not considered billable

  • Getting pressured by upper management to not report overtime hours for fear of termination

What can our New York City employee rights attorneys do for mortgage brokers and loan officers?

Taking an employer to court for workplace abuses can be an overwhelming prospect. Our team of New York City employee rights attorneys is with you every step of the way throughout the legal process. We use our decades of legal experience in these cases to provide you with skillful, innovative legal representation. Our goal for every client is to maximize their compensation while looking out for their long-term interests.

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