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Walmart Hit with $188 Million Verdict for Wage Theft Due to Lunch Break Violations



The United States Supreme Court is hearing an appeal from a state supreme court that upheld the $188 million verdict against. Most New York employee rights law attorneys agree that the state verdict is likely to be upheld by the Supreme Court because Walmart really does not have any sound legal grounds to get the verdict overturned. The basis of the massive class action lawsuit comes from employees that have not been paid for working during unpaid meal breaks.

 It has been a long established principle of labor law that employees must be paid for any job duties performed during breaks. Walmart is trying to get out of paying what these employees are owed without any sound legal argument or precedent to fight the verdict against them. NYC wage theft attorneys are excited about the Supreme Court establishing yet another precedent on behalf of the working man. This is going to be yet another tool that victims of wage theft can use to take legal action to recover the compensation they deserve.

Walmart is the largest employer in the country and the largest single employer in the state of New York. There are tens of thousands of people in New York that still have not had their day in court to recover the unpaid compensation they deserve. Employee rights attorneys in New York and throughout the country anticipate that this will just be the first round of class action lawsuits against Walmart for wage theft violations like this.  

This lawsuit is proof that even the largest corporations in America are not exempt from having to abide by state and federal labor laws. Walmart is going to pay hundreds of millions of dollars in back wages to the employers that they have essentially stolen from. Unfortunately, there are still thousands of people out there that still have not taken legal action to recover the compensation they are due.

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