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Walmart Faces More Wage Theft Lawsuits


Walmart continues to break wage laws. The retail giant is facing yet another class action lawsuit for wage theft. Walmart, the largest and most profitable retailer in the world, continues to undercut employees from receiving wages earned. In New York alone, Walmart has paid tens of millions of dollars in fines and unpaid wages. The reason Walmart continues to commit wage theft is that it is still more profitable for them to pay damages to the relatively few employees that assert their rights.

The newest wage theft lawsuit against Walmart is based on their employee misclassification practices. The retailer avoids paying overtime wages by giving employees a management title and paying them a salary. According to leading New York City wage theft attorneys at Hepworth, Gershbaum and Roth PLLC,  just giving someone the title of manager is not enough to get away with not paying overtime wages. The main factor that judges consider in wage theft cases is the type of work that so called ‘managers’ do while at work. If most of their day is not spent performing managerial tasks, then the courts are likely to find the managers are in fact, owed compensation for unpaid overtime wages.

Class action lawsuits for wage theft provide strength in numbers for victims. Unfortunately, no single lawsuit really gets enough attention to significantly change all-too-common business practices. It takes sweeping class actions by wronged employees to send a message to a corporation like Walmart. When employees use our New York City class action lawsuit attorneys to recover damages for wage theft, the company suddenly becomes more interested in listening. There are also immediate benefits for the employees that participate in class action lawsuits against Walmart or other retailers: they have less to worry about when it comes to retaliation and, on average, wronged employees receive the damages they are owed much sooner.

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