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Wage and Labor Lawsuits on the Rise Throughout the United States 


Federal Labor Standards Act becomes basis of multiple class-action suits

As federal and state wage and labor laws have strengthened to protect employees from unfair pay practices, the number of related lawsuits has seen a significant increase. The FLSA provides specific protections against unfair labor and wage practices, including denial of overtime, wage theft, unfair pay and required off-the-clock work.

Employee groups who have suffered unfair wage practices have sought compensation from employers of all shapes and sizes.

Recent successes have prompted increased action

Employees have achieved significant success in class-action wage lawsuits in recent years. Organizations as large as Amazon and Taco Bell have settled wage cases or been ordered to compensate employees.

As the success of employee groups continues, the increase in class-action lawsuits is also likely to continue.

Recent employee successes include those against UPS, Taco Bell, WalMart, Pepsi, and more.

Are specific types of businesses more common targets of wage lawsuits?

While wage lawsuits have become more common across the board, there are industries that have seen more than their fair share of legal action, including:

  • Retail: Several class-action lawsuits have been brought against retail giants in recent years. From Wal-Mart to Amazon, retailers have been accused of forcing employees to work off the clock, denying overtime pay and offering sub-standard compensation.

  • Hospitality: Few industries face the unique challenges associated with the interplay between tip income and straight wages. Many hospitality businesses have come under fire for offering less than minimum wage, requiring off-the-clock work and denying overtime pay.

  • Manufacturing: Factory workers have banded together in several class-action suits against manufacturing companies in recent years. The focus of many of these suits has been the denial of meal and rest breaks, and the failure to pay overtime wages.

Explore your options for filing a wage lawsuit

If you are an employee who has been denied wages, overtime pay, benefits or other employment rights, you may have a case for compensation. Unfortunately, understanding the complex state and federal labor laws can be challenging, making it difficult to know whether you have a case.

Speaking to an experienced New York employment lawyer is important both in helping you understand your legal rights, but also in helping you draft a legal strategy for pursuing the compensation you are entitled to.

At Hepworth, Gershbaum & Roth, our New York employment law attorneys represent employees who have suffered financial damages due to an employer’s illegal wage practices. We have the knowledge and skill needed to help you pursue compensation in even the most complicated and challenging situations.

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