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Wage Theft Lawsuits Among New York Restaurant Workers on the Rise

More and more restaurant workers standing up for their rights as employees

A recent article published in the Wall Street Journal sheds light on a growing issue within the restaurant and service industry. According to the article, wage theft lawsuits have become increasingly common within the industry. In fact, the number of wage theft lawsuits across the country has doubled in recent years. In New York state alone, wage dispute lawsuits have tripled in the last five years, reaching nearly 1,800 cases in the 2014 fiscal year.

The rise in lawsuits likely stems from a number of factors, including a newly empowered pro-service worker movement and the increased willingness of law firms to take on complex wage dispute cases. Adding to the frequency of legal action are the confusing and complicated labor laws governing the payment of restaurant and service workers.

What impact does the increase in wage theft lawsuits have on the industry as a whole?

The confusion surrounding state and federal guidelines for restaurant worker compensation programs continues to proliferate throughout the industry. As the confusion persists, wage theft lawsuits will continue to become more frequent.

The industry as a whole will be dramatically impacted by the ongoing situation with more and more restaurant owners facing increased scrutiny over their payment policies. As employees continue to win cases against employers and take stand against unfair compensation policies, restaurant owners will be forced to absorb the increased costs of staffing.

This increased cost may trickle down to the consumer in higher menu costs. Industry workers may also face increased challenges obtaining employment as restaurants are forced to make labor cuts to maintain their bottom line.

How can wage theft issues be resolved?

Thanks to the complexities of state and federal wage laws governing restaurant employees, wage theft cases are likely to persist. Resolving the complexities associated with these guidelines will only help to clear up the confusion surrounding the payment of restaurant employees.

Going forward, it is increasingly important for restaurant employees to stand up for their rights to fair compensation.

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