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Staff Members of a Popular San Francisco Eatery Take Action Against Wage Theft

Current and former staff members of Yank Sing obtain $4 million settlement

A recent lawsuit filed by employees of a high-profile San Franciscan restaurant demonstrates the power of staff members banding together to fight wage theft. The case, involving approximately 280 current and former employees of Yank Sing, a popular dim sum restaurant, brought ongoing wage theft practices to light.

In the end, the staff members walked away with a settlement in excess of $4 million, which is one of the largest employment law related settlements in California history.

The lawsuit stemmed from a wide range of wage theft practices, including:

  • Unpaid hours: A common complaint amongst the employees at Yank Sing related to unpaid hours. Several employees reported being asked to complete tasks off-the-clock, or before and after a recorded shift. In this way, the restaurant was able to ensure that work was completed without the costs of labor.

  • Unpaid overtime: Many employees claimed that they were asked to work 10-12 hour days while being paid for only 8 hours. This is an unfortunately common practice among restaurants. The staff at Yank Sing took action where others haven’t however.

  • Week splitting: Yank Sing management was accused of splitting work hours into multiple weeks when an employee would exceed 40 hours. In this way, the restaurant was able to avoid paying overtime.

  • Unpaid breaks: Many of Yank Sing’s employees claimed that they were rarely offered breaks during their shifts. Others complained that they were offered breaks, but were required to punch out during the rest periods. Both of these practices violate state and federal labor laws.

In all, by taking a stand, Yank Sing’s employees were able to shed light on several wage theft practices, obtain compensation and put an end to future issues.

Staff members win against long odds

Out of fear of retaliation from their employers, many employees do little to stop wage theft. The staff at Yank Sing faced similar challenges in gathering the courage to take a stand. Many of the restaurant’s employees spoke little to no English, and relied solely upon their jobs to support their families.

When several employees banded together to begin the process of filing a claim, others soon followed. In the end, countless employees took the courageous step of standing up for themselves, a move which resulted in the successful settlement.

The staff at Yank Sing set a strong example for others across the country

Yank Sing is by far the only restaurant to be guilty of wage theft. Countless others across the country attempt to protect their bottom line by engaging in deceitful and illegal wage practices.

Fortunately, the staff at Yank Sing has set a strong precedence that by bonding together to take action employees can end wage theft and obtain the pay they are entitled to.

Take action against wage theft in your organization

If you feel that you have been the victim of wage theft, it is important to take action like the staff at Yank Sing. Only by standing up and speaking out can you end wage theft and recover the compensation you are due for your hard work.

At Hepworth Gershbaum & Roth, our New York wage theft attorneys take a strong stance against restaurants that fail to fairly compensate their staff members. Each of our attorneys is committed to helping employees end wage theft practices and recover compensation for financial losses resulting from their employers’ illegal and immoral actions.

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