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Truck Drivers Win $1 Million in Back Wages for Employee Misclassification Class Action Lawsuit



A recent class action lawsuit led to a nearly $1 million verdict against their employers. The drives claimed that their employer misclassified them as independent contractors that were not obligated to be paid overtime wages. After looking at the facts of the case, the judge found that the level of control that the company had over the drivers constituted an employer-employee relationship. The drivers were awarded several years of back wages in addition to attorney’s fees so that they did not have to pay their legal fees out of pocket.

Many victims of employee misclassification would be surprised that this class action had just two drivers as plaintiffs. In order to be a class action lawsuit in New York, there only has to be more than one plaintiff join the lawsuit. Expert NYC overtime wages attorneys say that claims like this with large sums of compensatory damages are pretty common. People are surprised to find out exactly how much money they have been deprived from receiving. Unpaid overtime wages add up quickly, especially when additional statutory damages come into play. 

This is a serious problem. There are thousands of drivers in New York that are still misclassified as independent contractors People that are independent contractors do not have to be paid worker’s compensation.. NYC employee rights attorneys have to fight employee misclassification lawsuits every year for drivers that are injured, but not considered employees. People have to wait and scrape by with whatever resources they have while waiting for the legal system to run its course and pay you the money you deserve.

Companies are depriving their employees from recovering millions in overtime wages and other employment benefits each year. Drivers work some of the longest hours of any profession. Those overtime hours add up quickly over the years. Many of them are owed hundreds of thousands of dollars in back wages—all they need to do is take legal action.

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