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Age Discrimination Cases Still Old News in the United States


Age discrimination is a problem that almost everyone in the working world eventually faces. According to the federal government, nearly four out of five people believe that they have been discriminated against by an employer based on their age. Employers facing harder economic times discriminate against older employees to hire younger employees. Generally, age discrimination takes place in the form of laying off groups of employees over the age of 50 before turning around to hire younger employees.

Employing people based on age is against state and federal law in New York. It has been a growing problem in the state as the average age of the workforce increases. Many baby boomers were hit hard by the economic recession. Now they are unable to retire and unable to find gainful employment with so many college graduates coming into the workforce. NYC employee rights attorneys are expecting the number of successful age discrimination lawsuits to increase over the course of the next several years.

Age discrimination lawsuits are among the most difficult forms of discrimination lawsuits to win for even the most experienced NYC employee rights attorneys. The difficulty comes from uncovering facts to prove that the age discrimination has occurred. Hiring and laying off employees is often subjective, and there is rarely a smoking gun. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission only finds reasonable cause in about 3% of the cases filed with them. This just means that you should find the best NYC employee rights attorney available to represent you in your legal action.

Age-related discrimination in the workplace continues to be a problem that most people over the age of 50 face because not enough has been done to stop these employers. There will be no stopping of age discrimination in the US until enough victims take a stand against employers that have violated their civil rights. You do not need to go it alone to protect your ability to earn a living.

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