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Discrimination in the workplace causes extreme stress, limits your ability to provide for your family and creates a hostile work environment. When you go to work, you have the right to have peace of mind in knowing that your employer is going to treat you fairly and with dignity. Unfortunately, discrimination in the workplace is still commonplace. It impacts the lives and careers of millions of Americans every year. The lawyers of Hepworth, Gershbaum & Roth, PLLC in New York aggressively litigate against discriminating employers to right the wrongs that have been done to employees. We represent workers to bring them the justice they deserve.

Common behaviors by New York businesses that are discriminatory to employees

Discrimination in the workplace is illegal no matter what your position or your industry may be. A discriminatory act occurs when a person is treated unfairly by an employer. The number of ways that a business may discriminate against their employees is endless. Employee discrimination is often subtle and requires an in-depth analysis of the company’s policies and behaviors over a period of time. Our New York workplace discrimination lawyers have decades of experience in finding evidence of discrimination by employers. See the Top 10 Employment Discrimination Claims.

Some of the most common forms of discriminatory behaviors include:

  • Withholding promotions

  • Layoffs

  • Forced retirements

  • Giving unfavorable or unsafe job assignments

  • Unequal compensation for equal work

  • Hiring practices

  • Sexual harassment

Different types of workplace discrimination that violates state and federal employment law

There are different categories of discrimination with different levels of protection by New York and federal laws. There are different categories of discrimination because some classes of employees have had a history of being discriminated against in the past. Each form of discrimination may also have a different burden of proof that must be shown for a plaintiff to be able to recover damages from an accident. Our team of New York discrimination attorneys has extensive courtroom experience and is able to utilize this skill when it comes to proving that discrimination has occurred in the workplace. Some of the most common types of discrimination that our anti-discrimination lawyers litigate against include:



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