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New York City Employment Law Attorneys Protect Your Interests After an Unlawful Termination



Seeking justice for victims of retaliatory termination

Employers that engage in retaliation, whether passively through constructive termination or explicitly by termination, is illegal. There are laws which protect employees from certain types of retaliatory firings. Our New York City employment law at Hepworth, Gershbaum & Roth, PLLC help wronged employees uphold those laws.

What is considered a retaliatory termination in New York City?

Retaliatory termination lawsuits stem from employees that either assert their rights, or do the right thing in a way that the company does not like. Although New York is an at-will employment state, New York lawmakers have recognized that it is unjust for employers to be able to dismiss an otherwise good employee after they take some particular action. The burden to prove your termination was lawful is put on the employer as soon as you take any protected actions covered under the retaliatory termination laws. Our New York City employment law attorneys take on employers that fire employees out of retaliation. Some of the most common causes leading to a retaliatory termination action include:

  • Termination for filing a lawful claim against the employer made in good faith

  • Termination for making complaints internally

  • Terminating whistleblowers

  • Constructive termination

  • Firing for an employee needing military leave

  • Termination for taking time off for the Family and Medical Leave Act


Recognizing retaliatory behavior and taking legal action in New York and Federal courts

Our New York City retaliatory termination attorneys are experts at recognizing and proving your employer’s guilt in these cases. Most New York City employers do not explicitly terminate employees for asserting their legal rights. They cleverly veil the ways that they strike back at you and limit your career potential. We uncover the truth to protect your interests and recover the compensation you deserve for your employer’s illegal behaviors. The compensation you receive is greatly enhanced if the retaliatory termination is a part of a claim you already have proceeding against your employer.

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The sooner you begin the legal process, the sooner we can recover compensation on your behalf. Let our New York City employee retaliation attorneys at Hepworth, Gershbaum & Roth, PLLC seek retribution on your behalf. We turn the tables on employers that have retaliated against you for asserting your rights. Schedule your free initial consultation by calling us at 212-545-1199 or by contacting us online.



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