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New York Restaurant Workers Rights Attorneys Put an End to Abusive Workplace Environments


Strong legal counsel hold restaurants accountable for employment law violations

Whether you are a front of house or back of house employee in your restaurant, you may be entitled to recover damages from your employer for nonpayment of overtime or insufficient wages. Our team of New York attorneys at the law offices of Hepworth, Gershbaum & Roth, PLLC represent restaurant workers to get them full and fair compensation for their work. We use out more than 70 combined years of litigation experience to provide our clients the best legal representation possible.

Common ways restaurants violate federal laws to avoid paying employees a full and fair wage

 It is unfortunate that it has become the cultural norms of restaurant to be abusive to their employees and not pay them what they deserve. Our New York restaurant attorneys are determined to help you stop the abuse. Some of the most common tactics used by restaurants to not pay their employees include:

  • Forced tip sharing — It is against the law in New York to force employees to share their tips with the entire staff of the restaurant or with employees that are not entitled to tip pooling.

  • Paying less than the minimum wage — As of December 31, 2014 New York State Minimum wage is now $8.00 per hour. If you are a tipped employee and your tips combined with your direct do not meet the minimum wage requirement then the restaurant is required to make up the difference.

  • Not clocking in for prep work or cleanup work — Your employer must have you on the clock for any time you spend performing work for the restaurant.

What can a New York restaurant workers’ rights lawyer do to help you take legal action against your employer?

Our aggressive litigation firm is here to help New York restaurant workers that feel powerless against their restaurants. You do not have to tolerate working for an abusive employer that does not pay you for all the hours that you have worked. Our New York City restaurant lawyers take legal action to stop the illegal behavior and get you monetary compensation for their actions.

Speak with one of our New York restaurant workers’ rights attorneys today for a free initial consultation and discuss potential legal actions against your employer

Hepworth, Gershbaum & Roth, PLLC represent restaurant workers to recover compensation for wage violations that occur in the workplace. We offer free initial consultations and flexible scheduling for your convenience. Contact us online or by phone at 212-545-1199 to schedule an appointment to discuss your rights.




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