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New York City Workplace Rights Attorneys Litigate on Behalf of Restaurant Delivery Workers


Forcing restaurants to follow New York and Federal Laws as they apply to delivery workers

Restaurant delivery workers are faced with the stressful task of needing to please both customers and the restaurants they work for. New York City restaurants are notorious for trying to cut corners wherever they can. All too often, it is the delivery workers that bear the brunt of restaurant owners trying to improve their profit margins, at the expense of paying rightful wages. Our New York City employee rights attorneys at Hepworth, Gershbaum & Roth, PLLC help restaurant delivery drivers who fall victim to wage theft and other forms of underpayment. We are passionate about protecting all employees.

Most common ways employers underpay restaurant delivery workers

Delivery workers are financially victimized by their restaurants in many different ways. Our experienced NYC employee rights attorneys have seen it all when it comes to ways that restaurants can prevent drivers from receiving their earned and deserved wages. We use both state and federal laws to your advantage to recover as much compensation as possible for you. The key to our success is our comprehensive understanding of the law and how to uncover the right evidence it takes to maximize the damages owed.

The most common grounds for lawsuits that our NYC restaurant delivery rights attorneys see include:

  • Wage theft

  • Keeping portions of tips

  • Keeping credit card tips

  • Not paying agreed upon vehicle maintenance

  • Misclassifying employees as independent contractors

  • Unpaid overtime wages

  • Not paying an hourly wage at all

  • Paying less than minimum wage on slow days

Is it financially worthwhile to file a lawsuit against your restaurant as an NYC delivery person?

Too many New Yorkers decide not to file lawsuits against their employers because they are afraid that they will spend more money on their attorney than they will recover from their case. This is almost never the case for restaurant delivery drivers that hire our NYC employee rights attorneys to handle their claim. Almost all employer-employee disputes provide for wronged employees to recover attorney’s fees for their claims. This means that the employer must fully pay the employee what they are owed, plus, they must also pay the attorney’s fees for the employee.

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