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New York Employee Rights Attorneys Recover Compensation for Paralegals Underpaid by Employers


Ensuring paralegals are fairly compensated

Paralegals are the backbone of any legal organization. They conduct extensive research, writing and paperwork for the attorneys they work for. Paralegals are often called upon to work longer hours than the attorneys they work for and are often not fairly compensated for their time. The  team of New York City employee rights attorneys at Hepworth, Gershbaum & Roth, PLLC represent paralegals that have been cheated out of the wages they have rightfully earned. We take legal action when an employer has violated state or federal labor laws.

The effect of the Fair Labor Standards Act and New York labor laws on paralegals 

It may be surprising that so many attorneys willfully break the law when it comes to their own employees. Paralegals are financially abused by their employers whether they work for law firms, insurance companies or in-house for a corporation. Regardless of where you work as a paralegal, you are entitled to full protection that all employees enjoy. Both federal and state courts have been clear on the fact that paralegals are not exempt from receiving overtime wages from their employer. Our New York City employee rights attorneys help you recover earned wages from your employer whether they are past or current employers. 

Ways employers avoid paying overtime wages to paralegals

Employers have gotten crafty when it comes to avoiding paying paralegals the overtime wages they deserve. You are entitled to be paid time and a half for any time spent working more than 40 hours in any one work week. Our New York overtime wage attorneys have seen it all when it comes to employers trying to avoid paying paralegals for all hours worked. The most common ways employers illegally avoid paying overtime wages in New York include:

  • Giving paralegals a salary to avoid to paying overtime

  • Only paying for billable hours

  • Not paying time and a half for overtime hours

  • Docking hours from timesheets

  • Not paying for hours worked at home

  • Not paying for working during lunch breaks

If you are a paralegal concerned about unpaid overtime wages, contact an experienced New York wage theft attorney today

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