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New York Employment Law Attorneys Force Businesses to Comply with Overtime Laws and Compensate Employees Fairly for Time Worked


Aggressively enforcing state and federal overtime laws nationwide

Our country enacted the Fair Labor Standards Act over Seventy Five years ago and it still protects our workers today from being taken advantage of by their employers. The forty hour work week was established to give hard working employees a fair wage for working more than 40 hours within any seven day period. Any time worked over the 40 hours is to be paid at one and a half times the regular hourly wage.  Our team of overtime law attorneys at Hepworth, Gershbaum & Roth, PLLC take on any employer that breaks the law by not paying their employees overtime. No matter who the employer is, we aggressively litigate against them to get justice for you and your family. The size or resources of your employer are no bar to your case.  Currently, we have employee rights cases pending against fortune 500 companies in New York and throughout the country.

What are the overtime laws that apply to all employers throughout the country?

Every business must comply with all of the state and federal overtime laws when paying their employees. Overtime claims in New York State can be complex due to all of the exceptions and nuances of the New York and federal laws. The main component of the law is that every employee is entitled to their normal hourly wage plus fifty percent for any time spent working more than 40 hours within any seven day period. The employees in real managerial positions are exempt from and are paid a salary and not paid hourly. Many companies try to decrease their business costs by not paying their employees the overtime wages they deserve, usually giving some excuse or another to hide the fact that they are not following the law. Some of the common ways our New York overtime law attorneys have caught companies abusing their employees include:

What damages are you entitled under the Fair Labor Standards Act for unpaid overtime?

Both federal law and New York State law entitle you to recover monetary damages from your employer for unpaid overtime. How much you receive depends on how much your overtime law attorney is able to prove to New York courts that you were paid less than you are due. There is also a statute of limitations on these claims, so you should not wait too long before seeking legal counsel. Overtime claims in New York state courts allow plaintiffs to recover the unpaid wages they are owed, attorney’s fees, costs associated with the bringing the case, and other significant  damages imposed by both Federal and State laws..

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