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Harassment in the workplace takes a toll on the victim and those surrounding the victim. When harassment of any kind takes place in New York workplaces, laws are being broken. Holding employers or harassers responsible for their actions is important for the victim’s well-being and the safety of all coworkers.

With more than 70 years of experience, the New York employment law attorneys at Hepworth, Gershbaum & Roth have the knowledge and skill needed to support victims of all forms of workplace harassment. By working closely with you, our attorneys explain your legal options, the process you face and the resolutions you may be able to expect.

The harasser could be anyone

Many people believe that harassers are most commonly men in supervisory roles preying on women in less-elevated positions. This isn’t always the case, however, as harassers can be of any gender, in any role.

Harassers can be:

  • Men and women

  • Opposite or same gender

  • Supervisors, direct peers and other coworkers

  • A third party that makes regular visits to the workplace

  • Of any nationality, religion, age or demographic

In short, anyone in the workplace or with regular access to the workplace can be guilty of harassment under New York state law.

What impact does workplace harassment have on a victim?

Workplace harassment has the potential to have a wide range of impacts on the victim, including:

  • Discomfort: Harassment victims are stripped of their comfortable working environment and forced to spend their days feeling uncomfortable. Without the ability to feel safe at work, victims must suffer through each day.

  • Depression: Harassment victims are likely to experience some level of depression as a result of the mistreatment. Men and women with otherwise happy and healthy lives can quickly experience bouts of depression, anxiety and other mental health issues.

  • Loss of trust: Harassment in the workplace often leads to a loss of trust. Victims may lose faith in the harasser, coworkers who fail to step in and the employer who allows the harassment to continue.

  • Fear: Harassment leaves the victim in fear for their safety, their job and their reputation. Victims who experience such fear often have difficulty with work and their personal lives.

  • Physical pain: The most serious cases of workplace harassment involve physical assault or abuse. When harassment turns physical, the victim may experience a great deal of pain. When the assault is of a sexual nature, that physical pain is certainly compounded by the emotional trauma of the event.

Regardless of the impact the harassment has, victims should never be subjected to such treatment.

You have legal options as a victim

Far too many workplace harassment victims believe that they have little to no power to stop the harassment. Others may believe that the harassment will stop on its own. Neither of these thoughts is true, however.

In New York, workplace harassment victims have the right to file a complaint with the State Division of Human Rights. Filing a complaint prompts an investigation into the situation, and offers the opportunity for victims to bring light to the harassment.

By taking action to stop the harassment, you may save yourself a good deal of pain, and may make the difference in keeping coworkers from experiencing the same mistreatment.


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