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Employee rights litigation on behalf of employee groups nationwide

Big business has been taking advantage of employees throughout American history. The size difference between a huge employer and the single employee often leaves the employee feeling helpless when faced with a corporation, let alone a fortune 500 Company. Class action law suits give individuals the opportunity to stand together and fight for justice against businesses that have done them wrong. These lawsuits are complex and require a team of experienced, detail-oriented lawyers. The employment class action lawyers of Hepworth, Gershbaum & Roth, PLLC in New York bring more than 70 combined years of courtroom litigation experience to the class action venue and the results are telling.  In cases throughout the country in both state and federal courts, we have successfully represented the employee against the employer no matter the size or resources of the employer.

What are the requirements for bringing a class action lawsuit against an employer?

A class action lawsuit allows a group of individuals that have been harmed by the same conduct the opportunity to get their rights decided in a single case. Often the damages while not insignificant to the employee just do not mean that much to the employer due to the large size of the company.  The class of collective actions allow the employee to have a real and significant opportunity to get justice. Many employment class action or collective action lawsuits against large employers are brought in federal court with plaintiffs from around the country joining in as part of the lawsuit.  A class action usually has four main elements which allow class action lawsuit to be certified in federal court.  They are:

  • Numerosity — There must be enough people involved as to make handling the cases individually impractical, with the standard being so numerous that joinder of all members is impracticable, sometimes as few as 25 claimants over a course of the claim period.

  • Commonality — Plaintiff’s grievances share a common question of law or of fact.

  • Typicality — When each class member’s claim arises from the same course of events and each class member makes similar legal arguments to prove the defendant’s liability

  • Adequacy of representation —The person or persons used to represent the class must have interests in pursing the claim and the claims must not be adverse to the other class members.    

What are the benefits to filing a class action lawsuit as a group of disadvantaged employees?

Our team of lawyers strongly believe in the power that a class action lawsuit has, to bring justice against corporations that would not otherwise take notice. We have an extremely high success rate because we bring experienced litigators, who are willing to learn the details of each case and litigate these legal battles of David vs. Goliath. One lawsuit can bring justice and compensation for both you and all of the other people that have been similarly harmed. Many class action lawsuits are the only remedy reasonably available, as the costs of bringing an individual lawsuit would exceed the damages.  However, in a class action the costs are spread out among the claimants, this makes the case practical from a financial perspective.   A class action, in addition to the wages due and owed also forces the employers to fix their illegal behavior.

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