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Experienced New York Whistleblower Attorneys Provide Legal Protection in Qui Tam Cases


Putting an end to retaliation against whistleblowers

Realizing that you have a duty to call public attention to the company you work for can be overwhelming. The whistleblower attorneys at Hepworth, Gershbaum & Roth, PLLC provide employees sound legal guidance and strategies to protect your long-term personal and professional interests. We help you get through the process with an unblemished professional reputation and monetary compensation for your efforts to uphold the ethical standards of your profession.

Why hire an experienced NYC whistleblower attorney?

You have two options for filing a whistleblower action if you are an employee in New York. The federal and state law have different requirements for eligibility and compensation amounts. It is important to understand the differences before taking an action. Our New York whistleblower attorneys help you develop a legal strategy that protects your interests each step of the way throughout the process. We help you anticipate any events that may happen and how to address them.

  • The most important questions to address include:

  • Is the activity that you have discovered actually illegal?

  •  Do you need to report the illegal conduct to management within your company first?

  • Have you been illegally retaliated against your company for being a whistleblower?

  • Should you file in federal or state court?

  • How can you do the right thing and protect your career at the same time?

  • What risks may come from being a whistleblower?

Protection for whistleblowers in New York State

Both the federal and state whistleblower laws provide protection and incentives to whistleblowers. Whistleblowers have become heroes among the financial sectors because their courageous action puts an end to frauds that endanger tens of thousands of Americans. Once you officially become a whistleblower, your employer cannot retaliate against you without facing even more financial liability. Ensuring that you have such protection requires attention to detail and a complete recording of events, which our New York whistleblower attorney oversees. The more comprehensive and detailed your record, the greater your professional and financial security from retaliation by your employer.

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