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Advocating for full compensation for hours worked

Wage theft is a very serious problem that New York lawmakers have addressed over the last several years. Millions of dollars in earned wages are stolen from employees every year. The New York employee rights attorneys at Hepworth, Gershbaum & Roth, PLLC find it unconscionable that there are so many businesses that willfully defraud their employees out of wages. We litigate tenaciously against employers that commit wage theft to recover as much monetary compensation as the law allows for their victims.

What do New York employers need to do to comply with the wage theft law?

Throughout the last decade it became clear that there was a need for employees to be protected from employers that were defrauding their employees out of their wages. The Wage Theft Protection Act (WTPA) in New York went into effect in 2010. The law puts an obligation on employers to make it clear to their employees exactly what their compensation is and how it is to be paid. Our wage theft attorneys represent employees that have been defrauded out of their deserved wages. You work hard for you wages and deserve to be paid everything that you have earned.

Your employer may have violated the WTOA if they have failed to give you notice of:

  • Your rate of pay

  • The basis of your pay (i.e. hourly, salaried, commission, etc.)

  • When you are supposed to be paid

  • The contact information for the employer

  • Whether there are any allowances as part of the minimum wage (i.e. lodging allowances)

  • Outside sales people

  • Any “doing business as” aliases used by the company

Damages available to employees with a wage theft claim

The damages you can recover under the WTPA in New York depends on which section of the Act your employer has violated. You are entitled to recover any wages that you have not received as well as several types of statutory damages. The greatest protection the law gives is that it protects plaintiffs from having to pay their own attorneys’ fees. This means that when you win your claim, you get the full value of that claim. You pay us nothing out of your own pocket. The greatest protection comes from the anti-retaliation provisions within the Act. Employers that retaliate against employees that file a claim under the WTPA may have to pay an additional $10,000 in liquidated damages. We take all the legal action necessary to recover the full and fair compensation you deserve.

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